Thursday, September 9, 2010

Timing is everything

Timing is everything they say. if so, how is it really possible to time something semi-static like a blog? In so many ways the internet defies timing. It's hard to have an "event" on the internet without some pretty complex planning.
This may be a stupid ramble but it is a stupid ramble.


  1. Well yeah u got it , it was a stupid ramble :P

  2. wow thats deep man, keep it up bro I can't wait to see the next one

  3. its more coincidental timing. people reading the blog at the right time who sends it to friends who possibly could be a reporter who finds the blog fascinating and it gets on the front page of cnn or whatever. I find it really odd how certain videos go viral while some don't. There are thousands of cat videos and baby videos out there but only a select few ever truly go viral.