Friday, September 10, 2010

The exciting world of Chinese scooter repair.

So I bought a little 50cc scooter for cheap off of craigslist for $120 dollars. The owner couldn't get it running. I figured he was just not really willing to put the time into tuning it up. All I really needed to do was adjust the valve tappet clearances. Took me all of ten minutes. The thing ran like a dream until yesterday I got a flat rear tire. No big deal I thought, just take the wheel of and repair the leak. I had to remove the muffler to get the tire off, no easy task since these things are meant to be worked on by oompa-loompas or some other thing with tiny little hands like a hobbit or chinaman. After removing the muffler and removing the tire I found that the previous owner was too lazy to get new tires and instead put tubes inside the already decrepit tires. I shredded the tube trying to take the tire off, and needed to get it replaced today. My new tires are on the way now, I'll be replacing them soon. I can't wait to take the muffler off again to put actual tires on it with actual valve stems, sans tubes. This means I've put a total of $40 dollars into it and about two hours of work so far. I can't wait until something else goes wrong so I have to tear the entire thing apart again. ramble ramble ramble.


  1. Sounds like fun. You should just take it apart and put it back together for the hell of it.

  2. I'd rather not, I'm planning on putting a BBK (big bore kit) in over the winter, new carb, etc. get it up to 70-80cc, but keep the moped sticker for dirt cheap driving. Plan on fixing up the transmission too. The total tear down will be when the snow begins to fall, for something to do over the winter.

  3. Will drop by daily and leave your blog some love. Plese return the favor. Scooters are so rad.