Thursday, September 9, 2010

copypast is pastapasta

Hey guys, I am 14 years old, and I have boobs. One day I was asleep in my bed, than I wolk up to a very surprising treat, I had boobs. I felt very astonished. Why would the good lawrd jebus give poor old Zurela boobs? My first instinct was to call my boyfriend and tell him, so I did. I knew we would abuse my love for my "Chesticles" but I didn't mind. So later on in the day he came over, and he was astonished too. My mother had not yet noticed, but my father had to check for breast cancer, thankfully he did, he checked for 7 and a half hours and found nothing, he said he needs to check everyday because my mom had it once and he didn't want to loose me like he lost my mom, cause she died. Anyways so my Boyfriend came over and he checked too, apparently Breast cancer is a very serious disease, but I didn't tell him about dada because I know he just wanted to be sure because he loved me. So after about a hour or two of that we played WoW and we lvled up, he told me I gave him an "erevecton" you know, that thing when it forces you outta the house, but I just ignored the comment because I am not his landlord, I just think he was being silly. He went home, and dad told me the power of boobs, and he told be if I have to be under heavy surveillance in the shower because if I don't scrub my "boobs' enough a demon will come out and kill us all. This is how mom died, so he says. So I washed this thoroughly and he made sure they are clean Enough. I really love how my boobs made everyone care about me more, and ladies I had no idea the upkeep of these things, so if there is any more tips I need, please tell me!
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